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So why choose us?

Our company is happy to provide professional advice about what boiler would work best for your household. We’ll adapt our services to accommodate your requirements – and your budget – to offer the best available solution.

Repairs, maintenance, and new installations form the bulk of our work. However, we also help to protect our customers’ warranties by carrying out effective power-flushing and MagnaCleanse™ services. These treatments flush out heating systems, eliminating build-ups of rust and debris. The result is a clean system that enjoys prolonged life and reduces the likelihood of boiler problems.

we also use only adey chemicals, allowing peace of mind and a sustained fix to your central heating problems.

We can also take water samples that get sent away for independent analysis providing further proof that your boiler has been installed correctly.

With care and precision, our qualified technicians will replace your old boiler system with a new, energy efficient boiler. The top 3 which boilers we supply are all provided with an extensive 10-year-long warranty.(3 year worcester bosch) and Ariston Boilers with 12 years warranty

MPH Boilers which is a division of Ewan McLean Ltd , a company that specialises in a number of trades. Last year, we installed more than 1800 boilers.

In the past, much of our work is undertaken in the capacity of a sub-contractor. Today, we hope to cut out the middle-man by offering our installation services directly to you – at a more affordable rate.

Our simple process

When you commission our company to replace your boiler, you’ll receive the following:

  • We will come and do an energy assessment to give you peace of mind that you’ve have the right boiler and system specified to save you money and heat your home.
  • We will survey every job prior to installation to ensure your job will run smoothly with all material and trades needed.
  • Your job will be booked on a day best suited to you for our highly trained installers , to carry out your installation to completion.
  • Your system will be magnacleansed and all the relevant chemicals added
  • Your installer will take photos of the system and fill out all the paperwork
  • One of our dedicated team will call you the following day to make sure your installation is fully complete , and complete a customer satisfaction sheet.
  • Once complete you warranty paperwork etc will be sent away to get processed.
  • Each years anniversary of your boiler installation we shall contact you to arrange for one of our Engineers to visit you and check the chemicals in your system, and carry out a service. (costs apply)

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