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MPHboilers is a division of MPH Home™ which is listed as Ewan Mclean Ltd. SC452002

A company that specialises in a number of trades. Last year, we installed more than 1800  boilers under the mphboiler brand .
In the past, much of our work has been undertaken in the capacity of a sub-contractor. Today, we hope to cut out the middle-man by offering our installation services directly to you – at a more affordable rate.
Allowing us to control the installation and the way we install your system, ( the right way).

industry wide 95% of companies are installing boilers the wrong way, installing your new boiler on to an old rusted decaying system.

95% of the industry are telling customers that they will be doing a chemical flush, all this is, is emptying the water from the system and refilling and adding a chemical, A task you would have to do anyway.
This allows all the debris to go into your brand new white box on the wall, there for putting your warranty and your system at risk
Are at MPHboilers we pride ourselves on doing the job right,

therefore protecting your boiler and your warranty.
We powerflush/magnacleanse every boiler system to remove all rust and debris , then install an adey filter to pick up any debris dislodged from the system on a on going basis.
Once we have magacleansed the system we install an adey inhibitor , allowing your system to run without generating rust.
And at the end of the install we can take a water sample to send away for independent analysis , this proves the system is cleaned and running like a brand new system should.
this gives you added back up incase theres any dispute in the future.
This is why here at mph we can over a 10 year warranty ( 9 on Worcester bosch) as we protect or partners boilers

“Contact us today, in kirkcaldy, Fife, to learn more about our Boilers.”

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