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IMagnaClean efficiently offers effective, magnetic, and non-magnetic filtration solutions. Simple to install and effortless to maintain, this forward-looking technology is sure to save you time and money. Results are noticeable instantly, as your system experiences increased efficiency – cutting energy bills by up to 6% annually.

“MagnaClean isn’t just designed to operate for a long time. It’s guaranteed for 2 entire years and works to reduce carbon emissions.”

Colour Options

Measuring 22mm, the MagnaClean Professional is available in black and white colours. More than 3 million filters are installed throughout Europe – proof of the power and popularity of this solution.

MagnaClean™ Filters

Informed by more than 20 years of experience, we install efficient, effective MagnaClean filters. These products will help you to save money on your energy bill.

Contact us today,in kirkcaldy, Fife, to take advantage of boiler installations enhanced by MagnaClean filters.