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How Do I Choose A New Boiler?

How Do I Choose A New Boiler?



People often ask us how do I choose a new boiler.

Firstly you need to make sure what type of system you have installed.

  • If you have tanks in the loft and a cylinder then you have a Conventional System.
  • If you do not have any of these items then you had a combination boiler.
  • If as soon as you turn the hot water on the boiler fires up then you have a combination boiler.

The next thing to check is the existing boiler and the model which will be printed either inside the casing on a data plate. This will give you an indication of the model and the output of the boiler. If you can find the data plate it is a great start in choosing a new boiler. Here at Mr Central Heating we can offer you the best like for like change for your boiler.

OK, so you have a​ conventional boiler and want to keep the tanks in your loft and the cylinder in your cupboard.

  • You may have a boiler like a Potterton Neta-­heat or Profile as these where really popular in previous years.
  • They made models like the 10/16 (max 60,000 BTU) and 16/22 ( max 75,000 BTU) and the Profile range ran from 30,000BTU to 80,000BTU.
  • Another popular boiler was the Glow-­worm Ultimate which also ranged from 30,000 -­‐ 120,000 BTU.
  • If you have any of these then you are in luck because the new Potterton Gold Heat Only Range is available to replace these old boilers.

OK, so you have a combination boiler!
These have come a long way since you last purchased and now make up 80% of the sales in the UK. This is down to there range of outputs.

  • Please check the output and model of your combination boiler and it is more than likely either 80,000BTU(24KW) or 100,000BTU(28KW).
  • The model name often gives away the output for example, Glow-­worm Swiftflow 75, 80, 100, 120 or Puma 80 or a very popular boiler of old a Saunier Duval Thema 23.
  • Again checking the data plate or model is vital for us at mrcentralheating to suggest the best replacement.


We love hearing all the old names of boilers in the industry and with guys who have been in the trade 40yrs it is more than likely we have sold one or even sold you the one you have. Buying a new boiler is not easy and we would suggest speaking to one of our guys before you purchase to make sure it is correct for you.

Things change and your requirements for the boiler may have changed with an extension or you may have got rid of all the kids.

  • With this in mind please do not get carried away with a boiler, big is not always best. We are constantly saving customers money because they are choosing a boiler that is too big for their property.
  • It is great to have lots of hot water but our homes have changed in the last few years, radiators have become more efficient, insulation is thicker and better, boilers and controls have become more advanced.
  • Conventional systems that use either a copper cylinder or a new stainless steel unvented one , like our UV Gold cylinders are great, as they store water and allow you to have large volumes of hot water in a short space of time.
  • This is fine but having a constant flow of hot water from a combination is more economical and even the new Rinnai Continuous Flow water heater can provide a system that is more than adequate for a 3-­‐4 bedroom house. The Rinnai also offer a K26i which can provide up to 26 litres of temperature controlled hot water !!!!!

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